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Homeschooling Adventures

Hi everyone!

I am so sorry it has been so long since I have posted but things in the LeCompte household have been a whirlwind! Back in May we made the decision to start homeschooling and I have been running around like a mad woman ever since! I think we have finally fallen into a good rhythm so hopefully the crazy will calm down a bit!

I have always wanted to home school my kids but felt much too intimated with having that great of a responsibility. My whole life I have been the brunt of jokes mocking my troubles with math so my short comings were ringing loud in my ears! But you know what? I am stubborn and when I set my mind to something BY GOLLY I do it! And well! 😎

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The process to begin homeschooling is fairly easy in Maryland. All we needed to do was fill out a form and send it to the Board of Education and wait 2 weeks. Once the two weeks were up we were good to go! Two times a year I will have a review with a Board of Ed official to make sure I am teaching the required 8 subjects.  I feel very blessed that this is all we are required to do. Some states have ridiculous regulations and still require home schooled kids to do standardized testing!

Next came the daunting adventure of choosing curriculum. I looked at some boxed curriculum but was not impressed with the content or the price tag. I was working with an exceptionally small budget so I needed to find the most bang for my buck.  I found two programs that I really loved and decided to do them both. One is a computer based modern curriculum, the other is a classical style literature based curriculum. Both have  pros and cons but paired together I think they’ll  give my guys a well-rounded education!

Holding some of their first term books

We have also chosen to go the year round route. Spreading the curriculum over 46 weeks lightens the workload a bit and will hopefully keep their brains sharp all year!

Books they are working on together

We are finishing up our second week using both curriculum together and I could not be more proud with how both boys have risen to the challenge. They have a rigorous workload  but are conquering it and enjoying it even more than I was expecting them too!

I think the most fulfilling part of this whole process is the education I am giving myself! I make a point to do all their lessons before they do and I have learned so much that I either never learned in school or have forgotten by now. I have also been inspired to learn all the math I had trouble with so I am using Khan Academy to tutor myself.  Better late than never right? 🤣Our literature based curriculum has exposed me to classics I have never heard of and inspired me to read ones that I thought would not interest me. Beginning this journey has been a blessing to all of us, including Carson who loves to do his ‘school’ while sitting next to his brothers.

Again I have to say how thankful I am to be able to stay home with my kids and now to have the awesome responsibility of homeschooling them.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! See ya soon!

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